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We provide all facets of human resource development.

Consulting and implementation, as an integrated department, stand-alone total program, conceived as thematically limited projects, or as targeted stand-alone action plans. Our objective: a solution-based and forward-looking human resource strategy.Your experience, expectations, and ideas – our expertise. Let us get started!

Strategy and implementation: your human resource development

Does this sound familiar:

Your human resource department has a full plate with the operational part of the business. Human resource development is an afterthought, implemented on a selective and reactive basis. In these situations, you find yourself looking for suitable experts, programs, and facilities. During the implementation, participant management becomes an additional burden on top of on-going operational processes.

What are your needs?

The requirements for companies regarding their own development are driven by the high working capacity of their employees, the right employees who are a good fit for the company and the strategy, and the skills needed to develop the company. All of these need to be integrated into a structured HR program that recruits, receives, supports, develops, and dismisses employees.

The solution:

Becoming and remaining viable with respect to these issues can on the hand be accomplished with a substantial buildup of HR staffing levels, including all topics like finding suitable staff, remuneration, social security contributions, risk, vacation, miscellaneous absenteeism, facilities, etc, or you can integrate and involve HR-Consulting & Coaching.

As a service provider, we assist you in your efforts to develop and organize your business.
Human resource and organizational development

  • What  matches the strategy?
  • What does the company need?
  • What do your employees need?
  • What changes need to be made to the organization?
  • What are your expectations of your employees?
  • etc.

We implement, if requested also in your name (telephone, e-mail, etc.) and manage all aspects:

  • Finding experts
  • Participant management
  • Internal/external facilities, catering, registration, invitations, reminders, travel booking, hotel booking
  • Program implementation
  • Logistics for materials and experts
  • Event equipment/supplies, feedback forms, certificates, evaluation, sustainability tools, account settlements with experts and service providers
  • Events / programs can e.g. include:
  • Continuing education / development programs for all or specified employee target groups
  • Leadership development
  • Speaking, moderation
  • Company health management
  • Company on-boarding management
  • Coaching
  • Mentoring

What else do you need?

As a program or stand-alone action plans: your topics

Continuing education / development programs for all or specified employee target groups

We assist you in your efforts to develop a continuing education program for your employees. You compile the important skills for your business, and we help to develop your program. Either for the entire workforce or for specific target groups (sales, assistants, teams, new employees, trainees, …). Support your team from the first day on the job through departure in order to maximize their full potential and to have them help you grow your business.

Leadership development

As a combination of several competencies, correct and sound leadership is the foundation for a successful company. We help you to implement leadership programs in modules for junior managers and for new and experienced managers. Alternatively, we can offer stand-alone topics in 2-day sequences. Our experienced leadership trainers are at your disposal. We have solutions for entry-level or professional development needs. Possible topics: meeting management, screening interviews, change, labor law, sound leadership, resilience, managers as coaches, and much more.

Speaking, moderation

Brief impulses on current topics, methods, or developments. Networking within the company, and information exchange with external parties. We know the trendsetters of today and tomorrow, and will organize your bootcamps, bar camps, fires-side evenings, and more to move innovative topics forward and to integrate these into the conversation. Have these or other events moderated by professionals to achieve sustainable results. Our moderator experts are delighted to help.


Do you need to develop a customized continuing education program for your employees and/or managers? In this case, we can assist you with our strong network of senior coaches. We will organize the entire process, from matching (we will give you three suggested coaches for each coachee) to implementation, and debriefing. Do you rely on sustainable personalized development? Then take advantage of our coaching expertise.


Do you need to strengthen the interaction between generations in your company? Do you need to facilitate the knowledge transfer between experienced employees and junior staff? Do you need to leverage trends at other companies and industries for your employees and your business? Then our mentoring programs are exactly what you are looking for. We bring together what goes together, and support the process.

Working capacity of people and businesses: your corporate health management system

Programs for corporate health management

Do you plan to introduce a corporate health management process or need to enhance your corporate health management with individual projects and programs? Together with our partners, we will support your implementation efforts for the rollout, baselining your business-specific needs, and for implementing projects and stand-alone action plans. Topics can include occupational safety, psychological hazard assessments, sound management, external employee counseling, and much more.

Health days

An experience-based and awareness-building introduction into the world of health management. Together with our partners, we will support your efforts to select the instruments appropriate for your company, and will conduct the events directly at your facility.

Company on-boarding management

Section 84, para. 2 German Social Code [Sozialgesetzbuch – SGB] IX requires companies to implement a legally compliant corporate on-boarding process. This generally means training employees, allocating sufficient free time, particularly also for case management; full-time staffing levels may have to be increased. This is potentially exacerbated by mistrust against internal staff.

Our externally guided implementation gives you:

  • support from experienced staff with the necessary professional expertise: multi-functional, a proven process, legal certainty,
  • plannable cost structure,
  • cross-sector knowledge and skills that cover all age, professional, and hierarchy groups,
  • corporate on-boarding customized to your company,
  • support for implementing the necessary structure (operating agreement, IT-based identification of cases, invitations and reporting, documentation, presentations/introductions, etc.),
  • providing an established, fully-capable network for social security and health management, e.g. a wide range of contacts, for instance integration agencies, professional integration service providers, pension funds, labor agency, health insurance carriers, social services, etc.,
  • neutrality and objectivity while also avoiding conflicts of interest. The external team provides a better trust platform based on the peer-level relationship between employees and on-boarding consultants (no upward or downward reporting relationship), confidentiality as external consultant,
  • external safeguarding of personal and highly-sensitive medical data.

External employee counseling

Working capacity refers to the protection of health, competency, values, and work organization. Everything is embedded in the social and regional surroundings. You need employees who are able to work to reach your business objectives.

We help you to protect and enhance their ability to work with

  • counseling at our facilities on all personal issues internal and external to the business: on short-notice, confidentially, competent,
  • prompt telephone-based crisis counseling via a dedicated telephone line,
  • support for and sensitization of multipliers (HR staff / on-site medical staff).

Take advantage of the option for external counseling in view of cost transparency and clear-cut budgeting certainty.

Challenging content transported sustainably: our instruments

We use a wide range of instruments to transport important initiatives.
Haptic planning board-games play a prominent role in this.
Board-games as instruments for transferring and grasping content are an important training facilitator. Transporting content with games and the interactive approach result in sustainable training and learning. Developing topics together – whether as competitors or as a team – enhances the networking process and reflects the situation in the company and that of the company in the market. Prepare to be surprised and take advantage of this methodology to energize your employees.


Your business-specific game, based on your culture, your requirements, and your branding. Take advantage of this opportunity to energize your employees by giving them the tools to literally and figuratively grasp the topics important to you based on new approaches and methodologies.

Example topics: occupational safety (e.g. emergency drills, preparation for certifications, delegating responsibilities, sensitization), working capacity, customer orientation, change processes, on-boarding, various professional topics (e.g. collective bargaining training for public transportation), IT security

You give us the topics. We develop your game, support your implementation, and execute together with you!


Immerse yourself in the world of games. We have standardized and adaptable games as catalysts for your topics from the following areas:

  • Working capacity
  • Occupational safety
  • Professional driver qualification
  • Business administration
  • Leadership
  • Organizational development
  • Project management
  • Sales